On the Stash team, we are focused on building high-quality software. From mandatory code reviews to continuous performance testing to automated test suites, we take pride in ensuring that every release of Stash (14 in the past year and half) is the best product built in the best way. Why? We want to continuously improve the experience you – our customers – have with the product.

Just as you would improve code quality by refactoring, for Stash 2.10 we wanted to focus on enhancing the existing user experience and the overall quality of Stash. We know there have been a number of requests for improvements and bug fixes, and it was time we took a step back from features and chip away at that backlog. While half of the team is still working hard on some exciting features we plan to ship in early 2014, the rest of the team has dedicated their time to fix some of those pesky bugs, work on small improvements, and polishing up the user experience.

Whether it is an improvement to our tight security model, improving our REST API, unifying the user management administration, simplifying the existing UI, or making it easier to get started with a new repository, we want to make sure that we not only continuously ship great features, but that they are kept updated to be the best version possible.

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Happy Holidays from the Stash team!