This post is part of a series on Atlassian HackHouse 2014, where graduate developers spend a week with Atlassian mentors hacking code and learning about the world of software development.

HackHouse 2014

What a week it’s been so far! Up next: ShipIt – our renowned quarterly innovation event during which employees are given 24 hours to build an add-on, an update, or a feature to an existing Atlassian product. The 18 grads, accompanied by four Atlassian mentors, have experienced a unique learning opportunity with a combination of team building activities, and workshops focused on technical, design, and product.

Day one

Day one saw the grads participate in a team building activity which required them to build an F1 race car from cardboard. The activity exemplified one of Atlassian’s core values, Play, as a team, and highlighted the importance of collaboration on the road to success.


HackHouse has been an amazing experience so far. It’s been great spending time with the other graduates and getting to know the mentors, who are incredibly smart and friendly people. I have already learned heaps, and can’t wait to finish ShipIt and present our ideas to the rest of the company.

Ashley, grad developer

 Day two

On day two, the mentors commenced their workshops, which were designed to ensure that the grads are fully prepped to participate in their first ShipIt event at the end of the week. The grads have been tasked with shipping their first feature or add-on by day five in a special ShipIt. They’ll get to present their projects to our Sydney office at the end of the week.

Day three

On the third day of HackHouse, the grads started to formulate, brainstorm, and talk through their ShipIt ideas. The anticipation started to build, as day four would be spent coding, and day five is for shipping and presenting! The grads also enjoyed some downtime, with some fun beach cricket, touch football, and frisbee.

Get in on the excitement, join the discussion, and follow this week’s activities to find out what sets Atlassian’s 2014 HackHouse apart from other on-boarding programs: Visit our HackHouse live feed or our Facebook page.

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