A Jira customer recently asked us if we had a best practices guide on the use of Jira for agile development. This is a project we had started but never completed, though it’s clearly a topic of interest. Here’s one blog post on the topic that Charles wrote about a year ago, and another one from Dushan related to XP methods.
We think this is a terrific idea, but we decided it was something we should open up to the whole community. We know how we use our own tools for agile development, there’s more than one way to do things. We’d love to hear how other teams are using Jira (and Confluence and Bamboo). Do you think you’re team has a good system? Would you be interested in guest-blogging about it on the Atlassian Developer blog?
We’d love to see someone tackle a several topics with Agile:

  • How to configure Jira and why?
  • What to measure and how?
  • How to integrate testing (either QA or TDD)?
  • How to manage releases?
  • How does Jira compare to agile-specific management tools?
  • Where can Jira improve for Agile?

We’re sure that there is much more that could be covered.
Please let me know if you’d like to contribute. Eventually, we’d like to consolidate everything into a PDF or build out this wiki page further (author attribution would remain intact).

Guest Bloggers Wanted: Jira for Agile Development