This is a guest blog post by Debi Kohlhardt at Gliffy, an Atlassian plugin partner. Gliffy allows companies to create engaging, collaborative flow charts and diagrams in both Jira and Confluence.

Gliffy holiday cheers

The holidays are approaching and what better time than now to spread holiday cheer? Staying in line with Atlassian’s spirit of giving, Gliffy is looking to give 1% of our 2011 profits to a not-for-profit or charity that is using Gliffy Confluence Plugin or Gliffy Jira Plugin through Atlassian’s Community Licenses.

Chris Kohlhardt, Gliffy CEO succinctly describes the initiative, “We’re launching this 1% program simply because it’s the right thing to do.” The application process is simple: Tell us how you’re using Gliffy to meet the goals for your organization and we will then select one organization to benefit.

Like many of you, Gliffy wants to participate in this season of giving by taking time to thank those organizations that focus their energy on helping those in need, working on environmental issues, or other worthy projects. Please help us spread the word to your favorite organizations so we can thank them for their generous and important work, which helps make our world a better place.

To be considered for this grant opportunity, please review the criteria for applying and email Gliffy your application by December 13, 2011.

Thanks for supporting Gliffy and Atlassian so that we can support others. Happy Holidays!

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