This is a guest blog post from Carole Snitzer, Marketing Content Manager at Gliffy, a sponsor at Atlassian Summit 2012.

This is Gliffy in a nutshell: drawings and diagrams make it easier to get your ideas across, and Gliffy makes it easier to do drawings and diagrams. Boom.

That’s where it all starts, but why stop there? We want to make diagramming even easier, integrate even more tightly with Confluence, and give you more and better tools for communicating all those things that folks in the software industry need to communicate. Back in April, we stopped by this blog to tell you a little about our road to HTML5. Today I want to share some of the features our fine engineers have been churning out over at Gliffy HQ:

Visio imports! Hooray!

If you saw us Atlassian Summit a few weeks ago, we probably talked to you about our new Enterprise Edition, which lets you import your old Visio XML drawingsinto Confluence. If you couldn’t make Summit, let me fill you in: …uh, our new Enterprise Edition lets you import your old Visio MXL drawings into Confluence.

So no more exporting Visio files as PDF and attaching them to pages with links. No more trying to take screenshots just so you have something on-page. All of that is a thing of the past. Excited yet? Here, take a look for yourself:

Link to external pages, wiki pages, even directly to page content

At Summit, this was one request we heard a lot. And the answer is, yes, you can link to anchors on a page! When you’re editing your diagram, click the link icon in the text options box and pick Page Content. You’ll see a list of all the anchors and formatted headings on the page. Just pick one and you’re done. It’s so easy!

HTML5 viewer

In the Bad Old Days, diagrams were pictures on a page. You could look at them. You could read them. But that was pretty much it.

With our HTML5 viewer, Gliffy diagrams are rendered on the page in HTML. So any links are live and clickable (and you really should be adding links to your diagrams — especially since you can link to anchors!). Plus you can select text and copy it into other applications, and you can find navigate your way through long pages or complicated diagrams by using your browser’s search to scan diagram text.

Even better, you can zoom in on diagrams without anything getting blurry or pixelated. So when you build enormous, complicated diagrams, it’s totally safe to shrink them down to fit on the page. Whenever you want to take a closer look, just zoom in and every letter and symbol will be perfectly clear and crisp.

New and improved search compatibility

I spend a lot of time on my diagrams, so I really like to be able to find them again later. Now I can search for a diagram like I would search for a wiki page: just type in some term that’s in the title or in the drawing, and up it comes in the list of results. And even better, the search results display thumbnails with Gliffy diagrams, so you can be sure this was the diagram you wanted. You can even click the thumbnail for a quick preview if you need to take a closer look.

And speaking of closer looks, here’s a quick video about our Gliffy Confluence Plugin 4.2 release:

If you’re using Confluence or Jira, you can add Gliffy through your Universal Plugin Manager. If you use Atlassian OnDemand, you can add Gliffy by logging into

And if you want to learn more, stop by!

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