Wrycan.gif How does a small organisation remain agile as it grows? One way is by adopting and building work practices around effective tools. Learn some tricks and tips on how Wrycan, a successful small yet growing company, stays afloat without incurring high overhead. This new Atlassian case study showcases how Jira, an issue tracker, and Confluence, an enterprise wiki, have become crucial components of the Wrycan business model. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Wrycan has 10 employees, 5 consulting projects and a software product to develop and support… that’s a lot for a small company. How did Jira work its way across different facets of your business?
A: We started out using Jira to track releases, bugs, tasks, patches and custom development for our content management software product. Later, we started using it as a consulting task management system where we track task improvements, customer service queries, and so on. Now, it’s just second nature to use Jira for everything we do. We’ve coined the phrase, “If you don’t want to forget it, put it into Jira.”

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And a big thank you to Daniel for his time and participation in the case study.

Growing, yet staying agile thanks to Confluence an...