Last week at Atlassian Summit 2010, we proudly unveiled GreenHopper 5. This is biggest release of our truly agile project management tool since bringing it into the Atlassian family one year ago. In that time, we have added over 10,000 customers of GreenHopper making it one of, if not the, fastest growing agile planning tool out there.

What’s new in GreenHopper 5?

This release is packed with new features.. here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Simple and fast UI – Arguably the most common request we have received since the acquisition, is to make GreenHopper look and behave like Jira. You’ll now find consistent navigation of projects, contexts and boards, as well as, the view and tools dropdown menus. We have also reduced the clutter on all of the boards with new Quick Filter and Action menus that appear on mouse-over.
  • planning-board-cards.png

  • Get more from your meetings – Many new improvements have been added specifically to make GreenHopper more valuable during meetings. You can now edit any field inline to quickly add estimates or notes directly to cards during planning meetings. You can also drag and drop cards across multiple pages to prioritize large backlogs as you go. We have also added version summaries to the chart board to provide more statistics for reference during daily standups and retrospective meetings.
  • Identify bottlenecks and extra capacity – For teams using Kanban to optimize their process, users can now utilise both minimum and maximum column constraints to clearly identify spare capacity (yellow) or bottlenecks (red) in any workflow.kanban-board.png
  • And more – There are loads of additional improvements including better performance, a new Card View gadget and more. Check out the complete GreenHopper 5 release notes.

I’ll dive deeper into all of the new features for Scrum and Kanban teams in the coming weeks. In the meantime…

See it in action

Don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself:

Download & Upgrade today!

Download GreenHopper 5 now to upgrade. Jira Hosted customers can now upgrade to GreenHopper 5 for free by filing a support request at under the ‘Enterprise Hosted’ project.
If you don’t have GreenHopper yet, what are you waiting for? Get started with a free 30-day trial or check out our Jira + GreenHopper Online Trial (also free for 30 days).

GreenHopper 5 – Simple and fast agile planning