Only a month after GreenHopper 4.0 we’re getting 4.1 out the door with some great new features. Following up our longer than usual GreenHopper 4.0 development cycle we have returned to shorter release cycles – “our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software”. To that end we present cross-project charts within the Agile Gadget for improved visibility into multiple projects, and epics to assist in the hierarchical organisation of your projects.
What’s new?
GreenHopper 4.1 introduces two new features and a number of improvements:
Cross-Project Burndown Charts – We’ve updated the Agile Gadget so that it can be configured to show cross-project burndown charts. The Agile Gadget now allows you to specify a filter instead of a project for its data. Hence, you can create a filter that retrieves issues from versions of two different projects and then use that filter in your Agile Gadget to display cross-project data.
Epics – GreenHopper now allows you to create epics for capturing large low-priority items in your product backlog. Once you have configured epics for GreenHopper, you will able to add ‘Epic’ cards to your boards and associate issues with epics. You can also easily search for all issues related to an epic as well as view the statistics for an epic and its child issues.
Revised Searching – We’ve overhauled the search in GreenHopper to add a number of improvements. Firstly, if you are viewing an issue and its subtasks in the search results, the statistics for that issue and its sub-tasks will also be shown (similar to the statistics shown for an epic and its child issues). Additionally, the search results will now display your issues in the same view that you have currently configured on your board (summary, card, list). Finally, we’ve added a search box to the search results enabling you to quickly find something else without leaving the search screen.
GreenHopper 101 – Always wanted to use GreenHopper but not sure where to start? We’ve put together a brand new quick start “101” guide for GreenHopper that walks you through the steps required to set up GreenHopper and start using it. You’ll find simple instructions for both Scrum and Kanban users as well as links to other useful resources. A huge thank you to two members of the Atlassian Technical Writing team, Andrew Lui and Rosie Jameson, for their hard work on this and other GreenHopper documentation!
Try it today!
Download GreenHopper 4.1 right now to upgrade or get started with a free 30-day evaluation.
If you need instant gratification, you can also check out our online trial (also free for 30 days) or play around with our live sandbox.
Check it out and let us know what you think!

GreenHopper 4.1 Now Available!