Since I last blogged about it GreenHopper, the agile planning tool for Jira, has seen two big news releases.
GreenHopper helps integrate more tightly integrate with the various Agile methodologies out there, by giving you a card-like view of issues and allowing your to re-order and reschedule them easily. It also has a set of charts and statistics that are specifically tailored to agile teams, like burndown charts and velocity metrics.
Here are some highlights from the new releases:

  • GreenHopper Portlet – There’s now an awesome portlet that you can use on your dashboard showing the project status, including a burndown chart, at a glance. (See screenshot above for an example.)
  • Use Custom Fields – many charts and features now work with custom fields, in addition to the standard time tracking fields.
  • Chart Snapshots – Each time your release a new version, GreenHopper can save a snapshot of each chart, so you can go back and compare your progress through each release.
  • Savable context – Once you’ve set up a set of charts or a planning board for your tasks, you can save that context and come back to it with a single click.
  • Default Configuration options – you can now set up default options for all new projects in Jira, or specifically define which Jira projects will use GreenHopper.

Take a look at the release notes for more detail and more screenshots:

And go download GreenHopper today.

GreenHopper 1.6 and 1.7