The Tip of the Month, brought to you by Atlassian University, is a monthly series to help master Atlassian tools. Products are more fun to use when you know all the tricks.

We’ve got a great tip of the month for you! The GreenHopper team released a new feature in GreenHopper 6.1.2 to make it easier to work with sets of issues in Plan mode. You can now move issues between sprints and in the backlog using the right click context menu. Why is this cool? GreenHopper now gives the ability to move sets of issues between sprints and y  our backlog in one quick action. This tip works for beginning and power users alike!

Let’s dig in!

You’re in a sprint planning meeting and need to move a set of issues from your backlog into the next sprint. You don’t have to scroll from your backlog to the appropriate sprint giving up that critical context. Right click on a single issue and you’ll see the context menu appear.


You can also use this tip on multiple issues. Just select the first issue, hold down shift, and select the last issue to bulk, contiguous select. To select issues that are not adjacent, hold down the control/command key and select issues individually. Right click anywhere in the selected area and you can move the entire set in one easy action.


Dragging issues between sprints still works as well. When dragging multiple issues, note the number of issues indicator on the right hand side.


One caveat to note: most web browsers have specific options for the right click menu when hovering over a link. This tip only works if the mouse pointer is away from the issue link.


If you found this helpful, please visit Atlassian University – interactive tutorials and videos with tons of tips just like this one.

GreenHopper Tip of the Month: Right Click Awesome...