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Card colours allow you to quickly identify cards on your board as being of a particular issue type, priority, assignee, or — thanks to the power of JQL — practically anything you choose.

We’re visual people, so why are our GreenHopper cards all the same colour?  With a new feature of GreenHopper (versions 6.0 and above), now they don’t have to be.  There is plenty of flexibility with card colours.  You can:

  • Associate colours with team members, so you can visually see which cards are assigned to whom
  • Create a colour scheme to make critical issues more visible
  • Associate colours per issue type
The above board has a different card colour for each issue type

To add a card colours to your board follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Agile > Manage Boards in the top navigation bar, then click the Configure link corresponding to the board of interest.
  2. Click the Card Colours tab.
  3. In the ‘Base card colours on‘ drop-down, select which method you want to use — either Issue TypesPrioritiesAssignees or Queries, as described above.
  4. For each Issue Type (or Priority, or Assignee, or Query), click the current colour to display a colour palette where you can select a new colour or RGB value.

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GreenHopper Tip of the Month: Card Colours...