Over the past 45 days we have released GreenHopper 5.9, 5.9.1 and 5.9.3. Today I am excited to announce GreenHopper 5.9.4 which includes the ability to make GreenHopper your home within Jira.

GreenHopper 5.9 marked the introduction of the Rapid Board for Scrum into GreenHopper Labs, our proving ground for new functionality. Today we’re giving early adopters of this Labs functionality three great new features to play with, and provide feedback on.

Make Agile your home

Many engineers, ScrumMasters and Product Owners bookmark their GreenHopper board to get quick access. GreenHopper is often the first place they look in the morning and the last thing they update before heading home for the day. We’ve made this easier with the addition of the ‘Use Agile by Default’ option under the user profile dropdown:

Sprint Information on View Issue page

The Jira View Issue page now includes an Agile section that provides information on the current sprint providing visibility into the delivery date of a story or bug fix to all users. You can also use this to quickly jump to the GreenHopper board and see the current issue selected within the sprint.

Control Chart Details

Use the Control Chart to track the moving average cycle time – the amount of time all issues in a project take to complete, trending over time. You can see here that the average cycle time for this board increases before decreasing again, allowing you to identify the mean at a particular point in time.

Atlassian University

We are also happy to announce new Atlassian University stories for GreenHopper 5.9. Whether you are a brand new to the product, want a quick refresher, or a curious about recent changes, these lessons will help you be a GreenHopper Guru.

New Features since 5.9

With releases every few weeks over the past two months, it can be hard to keep up. Some of the highlights since the release of GreenHopper 5.9 include:

  • Sprint Retrospective Report
  • Story Point Burndown Chart
  • Add issue to Sprint
  • Quick Filter and Instant Filter in Plan mode
  • Issue attachments are visible in the Work mode
  • Rank to top and bottom operations available in Issue Actions

Lots More

The entire GreenHopper experience is getting an updated look and feel. Be sure to turn on GreenHopper Labs today and see what we’ve got cooking.

Upgrade to 5.9.4 now!

Note: Atlassian OnDemand customers will be upgraded to GreenHopper 5.9.4 in two weeks.

GreenHopper 5.9.4 – Make Agile your home