SD Times is asking for nominations for their annual innovation and leadership awards. We’d love to have your support. The nomination form asks you to fill out only 4 fields. The hardest will be #3:

“In your own words, please describe what the nominee did, in calendar year 2007, that demonstrated innovation and leadership in the software development community. In other words, how did the nominee set the agenda for the industry, advance the state of the art, and get everyone talking?”

So, here’s a cheat sheet of things we did in 2007 in roughly chronological order. Surely, something here set an industry trend, or at the very least, got people talking:

  1. Launched two new products — Bamboo and Crowd
  2. Launched — a site that is inclusive of all success stories for wikis
  3. Handed out $25,000 in cash for Codegeist, our annual plugin competition
  4. Transformed ourselves into scurvy-ridden and baffling pirates who descended upon innocent Google employees and Sydneyites
  5. Acquired three awesome products — Fisheye, Crucible, and Clover — when we acquired Cenqua
  6. Built a connector to SharePoint
  7. Passed around free beer to lucky attendees at Javapolis!

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