When you integrate Jira Studio with your Google Apps domain, you unlock several features that are only available in this flavour of Atlassian’s hosted software development suite. A previous post highlighted single sign-on using your Google Apps domain account. This post will focus on the Activity Bar in Jira Studio.

All Your Activity In One Place

Activity Bar - Activity Stream.pngThe Activity Bar in Jira Studio is available when you integrate with your Google Apps domain. It’s a huge time saver because it allows you to:

  • see with a quick glance what’s happening in your projects.
  • access any item, from issues to emails, with just a click.

The Activity Bar shows activity on and provides access to issues, wiki pages, builds, code reviews, commits, emails, events, documents, sites and chat.
Let’s take a look at each of the items available in the Activity Bar.

Recent Activity

Activity Bar - Activity Stream Close Up.pngYour project’s activity stream is a comprehensive summary of all the recent activity in your project, including

  • issues
  • wiki content
  • code reviews
  • commits
  • builds

Pulling up the activity stream pane in your Activity Bar reveals the most recent activity in your project.
Activity streams with more entries can also be embedded within your Jira Studio dashboard or even viewed as an RSS feed. To learn more about activity streams in Jira Studio, check out this recent blog post.

Recent Issues

The Recent Issues pane displays the most recent changes to issues in your project, with links to access the full details of the issue. The recent <a href="http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRASTUDIO/2010/06/28/JIRA+Studio+2.2+Released"Jira Studio 2.2 release added support for quick creation of issues using the Recent Issues pane in the activity bar.
Activity Bar - Recent Issues - Closeup-2.png  Activity Bar - Recent Issues - Create Issue.png

Favourite Wiki Pages

Activity Bar - Favourite Pages - Close Up-1.png
Project wikis can quickly fill up with a lot of important content, and it helps to be able to access your most commonly used pages with just a click.
Jira Studio’s wiki let’s you tag important pages as your ‘favourites’, and then access these with just a click from the Activity Bar.

Recent Build Activity

Activity Bar - Recent Build Activity - Close Up.png
Jira Studio includes continuous integration based on Atlassian Bamboo. It’s simple to set up builds that run every time a code change is committed, providing fast feedback to developers about the impact of their changes.
In addition to all the feedback mechanisms available for build results (IM, email, IDE pop-up, RSS), you can view the latest build results for your project using the Activity Bar.

Outstanding Code Reviews

Activity Bar - Outstanding Reviews - Close Up.png
Jira Studio includes a lightweight code review tool based on Atlassian Crucible. Crucible aims to give your team all the benefits of code review while minimizing the time required.
The Activity Bar’s Outstanding Reviews pane shows you precisely which code reviews require your attention, so you can quickly click through and take the necessary actions.

Unread GMail Messages

Activity Bar - Unread Gmail messages - Close Up.png
Chances are that you keep a browser window up with GMail open and periodically switch over to see if there are new messages. Now you can save the trouble of switching back and forth from Jira Studio to GMail.
With the Activity Bar’s Unread GMail Messages pane, you can immediately see how many unread messages you have, view the subject, and then click through to view and take action on a message. Clicking the ‘See More’ link takes you immediately to your inbox.

Upcoming Events

Want to see what’s on your calendar for today? Save yourself from pulling up your Google Calendar by simply viewing the Upcoming Events pane in the Activity Bar.
You can click through to an individual event for more details, or click on ‘See More’ to view your entire calendar. And in Jira Studio 2.2 we’ve added the ability to add an event right from within Jira Studio!
Activity Bar - Upcoming Events - Close Up.png  Activity Bar - Upcoming Events - Quick add.png

Recent Google Docs

Activity Bar - Recent Google Docs - Close Up.pngGoogle Docs are a great way to collaborate in real-time on content like requirements, user stories, training material and more. The Recent Google Docs pane in the Activity Bar shows you which documents, presentations and spreadsheets in your domain were most recently updated, with links to access specific docs on your entire document tree.
Your docs can be embedded in wiki pages or attached to issues, providing an easy hand-off to developers.

Google Sites

Activity Bar - Google Sites- Close Up.png
Using Google Sites? You can quickly access them by simply clicking the Google Sites button in the Activity Bar.

Google Chat

Activity Stream - Chat - Close Up.png
In addition to all the great features mentioned already, the Activity Bar gives you access to your Google Chat account. This is a very rich feature that deserves a future blog post of it’s own. In a nutshell you can

  • Chat with anyone in your contact list, inside and outside the domain.
  • Receive build notifications for failed builds.
  • Shared durable URLs to any item in Jira Studio, including one-click pasting of the URL for your currently viewed item.

More on this great feature in a future blog post!

Jira Studio + Google Apps – Activity Bar