Confluence is a great tool for bringing teams together to work on a single project or document. With comments and likes, you can discuss, collect feedback, and come to consensus – all without meetings or email. But sometimes providing feedback can be cumbersome. It takes a few steps, and extra mouse clicks to take text from the page and add it to a comment at the bottom. Not anymore.

No more copying and pasting: highlight, click, quote

Adding feedback in Confluence is as easy as posting selfies. We wanted to call the new feature Instaquote, but figured you’d get the point – it’s really fast, and hip. Quoting page content or coworkers’ comments is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Highlight your text

As you’re reviewing in Confluence, just highlight text that you want to provide feedback on.

2. Click the Quote in comment button

You’ll notice that a button appears above the text you’ve highlighted. The new Quote in comment button allows you to instantly grab highlighted text, and add it to a new comment as quoted text.


3. Provide your feedback

With your new comment started and your highlighted text quoted, you can start providing feedback. We’ve eliminated the unnecessary steps in between, and made it easy to give context to your comments. You can also go back to the page and add more quoted text to your comment.


It works with existing comments, too

If you’re anything like us at Atlassian, you have long discussions on pages and blogs with threaded comments, and you often want to quote and reply to a specific statement in a coworker’s comment. Now you can.


What about inline comments?

We know that the ability to add comments inline is something customers have requested. While this feature does not solve that exact problem, it is a step in the right direction. We will continue to look to tackle this problem in the future.

Give feedback faster today!

Using OnDemand?

You’ve been auto-upgraded. Stop copying and pasting and start instant quoting today.

Using download?

If you are running Confluence 5.3.1 and above you can download the Quote in Comment add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace. Admins can also search for the add-on from the UPM.

Give fast feedback with instant quotes in Confluen...