Last month, Nicola Paolucci, Developer Advocate at Atlassian, held a webinar focused on how Git workflows can boost productivity and reduce friction within your development team. The goal: showcase the battle tested best-practices teams use to deliver high-quality software with faster development cycles.

    • Available collaboration models when using a distributed version control system like Git.
    • Emerging code practices and choices that can be safely adopted when migrating to Git.
    • How Continuous Integration changes when your team embraces Git.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Git workflows and couldn’t attend the August webinar, sign up for our next live webinar on September 26, 2013, for an opportunity to ask our Git expert any questions you might have. Still can’t make it? Don’t fret – we recorded the whole session for you! Check out our recording below.

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Check out our visual guide to some common Git workflows that can benefit your team.

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Git Ready Workflows: Webinar recording now available