In case you missed last Thursday’s “Git workflows for SaaS teams” webinar, we just published the recording. Despite the title, the content is about 10% SaaS / 90% Git best practice, so you should get something out of it (regardless of what type of software you make)–especially if you’re:

  • currently using Git, but feel like you’re not getting the most out of your workflow
  • not using Git, and thinking about migrating soon
  • curious about feature branching, merge strategies, continuous integration & deployment, or code review

The video clocks in at just under sixty minutes, but it covers the essence of how we do feature development at Atlassian.

Got questions? Great! Leave them in the comments below, grab me on Twitter or come chat in person over a beer when we hit ten cities in the US and Europe next month to talk about Git and workflows.

Git workflows webinar now available