In October we introduced Atlassian’s feature branching workflow – a simple and foolproof way to get started with Git branching for teams using Jira, Stash, Sourcetree, and Bamboo. The push-button branching keeps your branch names consistent with your Jira issue, making it easy to organize and track your branches. Today, we are excited to bring even more to the Git table with the latest and greatest: the development panel in Jira. Keep team leads, project managers, and product owners informed about development progress with this new panel in Jira 6.2.

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* Requires Jira 6.2, Stash 2.10+, and  Bamboo 5.4

All the right info in the right place

You’ve just been asked the ever-pressing question, “What’s the status of this issue? Are we ready to ship?” And the truth is you’re not quite sure. The team’s been working hard, but you’re not certain how far they’ve gotten or who exactly has been working on it. So you begin searching and hunting for answers, hoping that there aren’t any blockers that are going to surprise you. After about 20-30 minutes – spent combing through builds, code reviews, and pestering a couple folks – you may be lucky to have the answer. But what if your team is in a different time zone? Or you couldn’t find all the info you needed?

Well, we’ve heard your frustrations (and we’ve gone through it ourselves). The latest of the Atlassian integrations is here to surface all your development information in one single place. From each Jira issue you can see branches, commits, pull requests, builds, and deployments all at a glance. No more clicking through tabs and scrolling for updates, or digging through your repos and reviews. Within seconds of opening a Jira issue you can check out the progress of its development.


Combined with Jira Agile, you can even gain insight into your entire sprint by clicking through all the tickets and be up to date in minutes.

Details you need; traceability you want

The development panel is perfect when you are looking for a quick update, but we realize that isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need more detailed information to figure out what next steps need to happen. Take an open pull request for example:  It’s definitely good to know that a pull request is open and the code review is in progress. But it would be great to know who you can reach out to get it resolved – and now you can do just that without having to leave Jira.

Diving into any of the items shown in the panel is as simple as clicking on the link. A dialog box with all necessary details allows you to get the full context of your issue. Need to troubleshoot the broken build? Want to merge an open pull request? The information you need is only a click away. Want even more details? The bi-directional links take you straight to the right application so you can get to the right place with everything you need. Move seamlessly from application to application, always with the context of your Jira issue.


More best practices for your team

Atlassian tools aim to help teams streamline their Git workflows. We started you off with the create branch and standard branch naming capabilities, and we’re adding one more to the pot – the ability to create a pull request from Jira.

Pull requests can be a foreign process to many teams who are new to Git, having to get adjusted to code reviews on smaller chunks of code. So we wanted to make it easier and more accessible. From the branches dialog box, you can quickly create a pull request to get your team discussing and collaborating on code more quickly, and more often.

create pull request from Jira

Atlassian Jira, Stash, and Bamboo are coming together to make Git easy and accessible for all teams. The seamless interaction between tools give your team best practices and allow everyone to stay on top of the development progress.

For those of you who are new to Git, we’re excited to get you guys going as well – from git tutorials to all the tools you need, Atlassian is your one stop shop for Git.

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