Wikis have become huge phenomenon for businesses for collaboration because of their simplicity and ease of use, Confluence being no exception to this. But not all customers would immediately agree that their users are ready for a wiki, or for that matter, most web-based applications. Being in the business of selling a wiki, it’s easy for us to lose site of the fact that most of the world has not only never used one, but never heard of them either.
GBN, an Atlassian customer, purchased Confluence Hosted on behalf of one of their clients. One of GBN’s senior consultants, Matt Ranen, sent us a user guide he created for his client. “Here are the instructions I wrote for my client. My hunch is that 85% of users just need this level of information to get started. Currently, your user guide is a little raw and seems to be targeted at power users right off the bat.”
I took the user guide he created and reformatted it here in our User Generated Documentation area in the Confluence Community Space. Hopefully other customers can benefit. Thanks, Matt!

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