New tours, no tickets required
Shiny new feature tours await you for our newest products:

  • Fisheye: open up your repository to help you better understand your changing source.
  • Clover: the industry standard in code coverage, Clover improves your testing.
  • Crucible: review code changes, make comments, and record outcomes in an efficient, distributed, and process-neutral way with Crucible.

He’s got big webinars, she’s got big webinars, but we’ve got the biggest webinars of them all
For those evaluators who prefer their feature tours to be more live and interactive, we have weekly webinars, too. We’ve always had them, but we decided to advertise them better. You can now find links on the Jira, Confluence and Bamboo pages and soon on the other product pages.
And then arrived Enterprise Hosting, and it was good
In addition to Confluence Hosted, we now offer dedicated hosting for Jira and Confluence. With dedicated hosting, you get all the perks of Jira or Confluence and none of the admin worries.
No sign ups, just downloads
We have removed the sign up form that’s required of visitors who want to evaluate our products. When you visit the software product pages, you can click Download and, intuitively, start downloading.
The forms aren’t going away entirely. After you install the product, you’ll still need to fill out a form to get a license key. Why do we do this? The main reason is that we want to send three emails to you while you’re trying the product. The first email is to say “thanks” for giving our product a try. The next couple emails let evaluators know how to try and buy our software—that is, where you can find documentation, get support, participate in forums, or how to purchase.
Confluence Hosted users will still need to fill out a form first because we need to know what URL you want for your hosted wiki site.

Lots of Website Updates...