If you need workflow processes for software release cycles, content publishing, or management approvals, there is a great Confluence plugin to learn about. Roberto from ComalaTech just announced the new Approvals Worklow plugin 2.0.
My excitement about this plugin is a complete personal transformation. A few years back, a former employer subjected me to having an approval role in a custom developed Lotus Notes database approval process. The application rarely worked, had a kludgy GUI and was a totally separate application. The email alerts to notify approval windows had broken links, so just finding the right project and work item to approve was always a time sync. So you can understand how I was a little jaded about approval software and initially skeptical about adding workflow approvals into Confluence.
But now I’m a huge fan! The Approvals Plugin can bolt right into your Confluence instance and to provide approvals processes around any of the dynamic content creation that happens within your wiki. I love how unobtrusively it enables useful process approvals tightly within the common uses of collaborative content development.
Check out this white hot demo:

ComalaTech is one of a handful of commercial plugins that can expand your wiki to a whole new level of utility. If you are excited about expanding the adoption of your wiki, check out the 6 commercial plugins and over 300 community plugins available for Confluence today.

Getting Approval Has Never been Easier!!!!!...