Want to make your development team more efficient with Git? Want to expand your Git knowledge? Come join us for a dev talk on how teams use Git to ship better code every day.

[UPDATE] Our Getting Git Right tour will visit 10 cities in the US & Canada and Europe this fall; Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego, Montreal, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Mechelen (Belgium), Berlin, Milan and Paris from Nov 17 – Dec 4.

You know, Git helps each developer become more productive, but the greatest value comes from the way it enables developers to work better as a team. So don’t miss this opportunity to meet with Atlassian and our Experts for free beer and a presentation on Git that we hope will inspire you to be a happy developer.

Space is limited, so register today!

Want a free, exclusive Atlassian hoodie? Here’s how:

1) Sign up for the event

2) Refer a friend from a different company to register for event

3) You AND your friend show up to the event, and you collect your sweet new hoodie!  (Hoodies gifted to nominator only) 

*Note: hoodies will be available for the first 5 people

Getting Git Right: Happy developers, productive te...