We showed you a glimpse of it at Atlassian Summit. We teased you with it in our blogs. But now the wait is over. You can finally now get your hands on Confluence 3.3.

What’s new in 3.3?

Confluence 3.3 largely builds on a vast editor improvements we added to Confluence 3.2, making your editing experience both faster and simpler.

Macro Autocomplete

In 3.2 we introduced autocomplete for links and attachments. In 3.3 we extended the awesomeness and speed of autocomplete to macros. Let Confluence autocomplete your macros for you. Just enter ‘{‘ and start typing to see the suggested macros that match your text.

macro autocomplete.jpg

Property Panels

Confluence 3.2 made inserting links easier with the redesigned link browser. In 3.3 we’ve now made editing links easier with the link properties panel. Preview, edit and remove links right from the editor. We’ve also added a properties panel for images so you can edit image properties from right inside the editor.

confluence image and link properties panel.jpg

Confluence Page Gadget

Did you ever wish you could have Confluence’s powerful content creation capabilities within Jira? Now you can. The new Confluence page gadget lets you embed all your rich wiki content (like images, documents, and hundreds of macros) directly inside your Jira dashboards.

conluence 3.3 opensocial page gadget.png

Manage Watchers

Now you can keep all your key stakeholders informed of important updates with the manage watchers feature. Manage watchers lets you see who’s watching a page or blog post and even add them as watchers.

confluence manage watchers.jpg

Much Much More

There are a number of new features and improvements to Confluence 3.3 like:

You can check out our release notes for the complete list.

See it in action

The best way to appreciate Confluence 3.3’s new features is to download and try it yourself. But if you need more convincing, take a look at our overview video to see 3.3 in action:

Try it now!

Check out 3.3 today and let us know what you think! You can download Confluence 3.3 now to upgrade or get started with a free online trial.

Or if you’re really impatient you can play around with Confluence 3.3 in our Confluence sandbox.

Get your hands on Confluence 3.3 with Macro Autocomplete