jirashirt.jpgAtlassian is selling what?! Yup, t-shirts and more.
T-shirts, mugs, post-it cubes… they’re all Atlassian-branded and they’re all for sale. Where? At the Atlassian Goods storefront.
Don’t worry, we are still happily handing out a complimentary t-shirt when you purchase one of our enterprise licenses. Customers and non-customers really seem to like our shirts and we frequently get requests from customers to send them an extra one or two… or twenty. That’s why we set out to create a storefront where people could order as many as they like.
I found Powertex, a company based in Wisconsin to help fulfill the shirts, and they put up the storefront. Many people have started Cafepress stores, but the reason I chose to go with Powertex is the quality of the merch, which is much higher than the on-demand printers (sorry, Cafepress!).
The good folks at Powertex had never even heard of wikis before we came along, but now we’re using our extranet as a way to place the orders; we write all the details on Confluence, they grab the information and edit the wiki to indicate that the item has been sent. (I hadn’t intended for this blog post to be a promotion for Powertex, but I will say that the folks there have been really nice to work with, responsive, and helpful.)
My hope is that we squeeze in some time to design some limited-run shirts as well, or maybe even have a t-shirt design competition — something that would be fun and out of the ordinary.
We’ll be adding women’s shirts soon, and more kinds of merchandise as well. Anyone want an Atlassian beer cozy? (Standard issue for Atlassian programmers: you can’t code nearly as fast when your fingers are cold from the frosty beverage).

T-shirt Madness...