The Distraction free editor add-on has been updated based on customer feedback. The toolbar is now accessible when in distraction-free mode, but takes up significantly less editor real estate. We’ve also made DFE a persistent setting. If you save a page while the DFE is on, the next edit you do will take you straight into it.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Email and the guy who likes to tap you on the shoulder whenever he has a question. Work is full of distractions that often keep us from being as productive as we’d like. That’s where Confluence comes in to help your team stay productive despite all the distractions. With features like Confluence WorkBox to save you from context-switching, and Blueprints to get you on the right path when creating content, Confluence keeps your team on track. But sometimes even in Confluence you can be distracted, which is why we’re introducing…

Less toolbar, more action

As someone with a touch of ADD, I’m easily distracted by formatting options while editing, and most of the time I just want a larger canvas to work on. Thanks to the new distraction-free editing mode I can hide the Confluence header and page title while I work and stay focus on the content I’m creating.


Power user? Press Ctrl+Shift+F to enter distraction-free mode without touching your mouse.

With distraction-free editing you can put your headphones on, and get into the zone while working in Confluence. When you want to return the editor toolbar all you have to do is hit the ‘ESC’ key.

No toolbar? No problem.

Worried about editing without the toolbar? Fear not, you can still use all your formatting options and insert content with the toolbar or by using keyboard shortcuts. Access all your shortcuts from the ‘Help’ icon in the toolbar. Whether you’re are a power user or novice, we promise Confluence will provide you the fastest, and easiest editing experience out there.


See for yourself

Check out this video to see how you can use distraction-free editing and keyboard shortcuts.

Note: This video was filmed before the latest update to the DFE.

Try it Today

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Using Confluence Download?

Download and install the Distraction-Free Editor from the Atlassian Marketplace (requires Confluence 5.0 or above).

If you are a Confluence admin you can also search for and install the add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace tab via the Confluence Admin Console.

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