If you’re ever wondering what a path like ‘.’, ‘..’, ‘../..’ resolve to in WebWork, just add this handy little snippet to your template:

<webwork:property value="/webworkStack" escape="false"/>

That will print a HTML rendering of the WebWork stack and let you see exactly what going on. For example:

* [GenericEntity:Issue][created,2006-02-27 11:36:11.0]...
o com.atlassian.jira.bean.SubTaskBeanImpl@bc5aea
+ com.atlassian.jira.bean.SubTask@3bd
# [GenericEntity:Issue][created,2006-02-27 15:54:53.0]....
* com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.layout.field.FieldLayoutItemImpl@182eca8[orderableField=Task Type,fieldDescription=,hidden=false,required=false,rendererType=jira-text-renderer]
o Task Type

It’s a Good Idea to know what the stack looks like, because if a path (‘..’) doesn’t resolve, WebWork passes in null. And nobody likes that.
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