A couple of weeks ago, Bill blogged a solution to a question asked by a Confluence evaluator on the Sales Desk. While I was on the Sales Desk this week I was asked:

Is there a way to remove the list of child pages from every page in a space?

The answer is ‘yes’. It just requires a minor change to the page layout. Here’s how you do it:
1. Step 1 – To make the change for a single Space, login as the administrator for that Space, go to a page within that Space and navigate to Browse > Space Admin > Look and Feel > Layout.
2. Step 2 – Click on the create Create custom under Content Layouts > Page Layout.
3. Step 3 – Find the line #renderChildren() and delete it.
4. Step 4 – Click Save
5. Step 5 – Now you should no longer see the list of children on the bottom of any page within that space.
You can always add a list of children to a page by entering the Children Display Macro, which is simply:


For those that want to watch how this is done, check out the short video below.

From the Sales Desk – Remove Children List o...