Registration opens this week for Atlassian Summit 2011, our annual user conference. In 2009, at our first Summit, a fellow by the name of John Bowersox was first to register. Cool, we thought, our first attendee. But we didn’t give much thought to it after that. Then, in 2010, we opened registration for the event which quickly sold out. In fact, one month before Summit 2010, we had already hit capacity and had to start a waiting list. To our amazement, when we took a closer look at the attendee list, we discovered that John had again been the first to register for the event!

So, during the keynote last year, we told John to not bother with registration for Summit 2011… we’ll comp you a ticket. We’re stoked that he’s coming back, and the feeling seems to be mutual. When we emailed him a couple weeks ago to confirm his contact information hasn’t changed, he replied, “I’m excited to see what Atlassian has planned for Summit this year and even more excited to see (and maybe use) Confluence 4.0.”

Stay tuned for news of Summit 2011. And… if you’re among the first three people to register for Summit 2011, we’ll send you a special gift to bring along to the event. We’ll announce the event soon!

Free Summit pass for John Bowersox...