As announced by Mike Cannon-Brookes today at the Atlassian Summit keynote, the upcoming releases of Fisheye 2 and Crucible 2 have each gone through a massive UI overhaul. There are so many new features, I can’t possibly list them all. You pretty much just have to play with them yourself..
Fortunately, we have made the public betas of both Fisheye 2 and Crucible 2 available for you to do just that:

Give it a go

If you need some instant gratification, check out these public instances running the Fisheye 2 and Crucible 2 betas:

Install the betas yourself

crucible icon.pngfisheye icon.pngIf you want to kick the tires yourself, download the public betas of Fisheye 2 and Crucible 2.
Note: if you already own or want to evaluate both products, you only need to download one. Your license key will sort out the rest.
Fisheye 2 Beta Release Notes and Crucible 2 Beta Release Notes are available here. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, please file comments or bugs on our public instance of Jira for Fisheye and Crucible.

What to expect in the betas

Over the next few days, I’ll blog more about the new features coming in Fisheye 2 and Crucible 2. Here is a sneak peak of what’s to come:
Fisheye 2.png

Fisheye 2

  • People & Teams – Code doesn’t write itself, you and your team do. That’s why the new UI in Fisheye 2 centres around people and their activities with customisable avatars, detailed user hovers, and activity streams aggregated from various systems.
  • Personalisation – With all this activity going on, Fisheye 2 still let’s you focus on your work. You can bookmark any object in your source code repository and create streams for any activity related to that object in your SCM, Jira, and Crucible environments.
  • Usability – With a completely revamped UI, Fisheye 2 is faster than ever to use. Quicknav and favourites let’s find things quickly. New directory tree browser and file explorer let you navigation your SCM for like never before.
  • Git Alpha – For quite a while now, everyone has asked us about support for Git. Well, Fisheye 2 will include an alpha of our Git integration.

Crucible 2.png

Crucible 2

  • Usability – If you’ve ever used Gmail (and who hasn’t really), you’ll know why the Crucible 2 UI makes code review easier than ever. Using keyboard shortcuts to step through changes and comments, Crucible 2 automatically marks them as read or reviewed. Crucible 2 even suggests reviewers and let’s you set due dates.
  • Iterative code review – Code review is inherently iterative. Typically, you review and comment on some code, and once changes are made you need to review it again. Now, Crucible 2 can incorporate new revisions into a review eliminating the need to manually link multiple reviews.
  • Jira Integration – When linking Crucible 2 code reviews to a Jira issue, finding new defects will automatically add subtasks while completing reviews will resolve the issue without ever having to open Jira.

There’s much, much more, so stay tuned…

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