Find code faster, navigate source and reviews easier, and support for Oracle are just a few of the improvements in Fisheye 2.5 and Crucible 2.5.

What’s new in Fisheye?

Faster Search

Find source code faster with the redesigned Fisheye Quick Search.

  • Improved performance – searching your source is noticeably snappier.
  • Categorized results – search results are now broken up by result
    type, making it easier for you to find and view what you’re looking for.
  • Smart results – search results are listed in order of most recently
    modified. Also, for each path, view the top three most recent branches
    containing a modified version of that file.


Better Activity Streams

The improved activity stream lets you scan the most recent changes to your repository more efficiently. Changes include:

  • Improved placement of links and actions for easier navigation – hover over any source file to see more options.
  • Cleaner UI allows for easier scanning of Fisheye commits, Crucible code reviews, and Jira issues.
  • Ability to view more or less changeset details when needed.


Mercurial and Git Authentication

Fisheye now supports http and ssh authentication for Git and Mercurial repositories, making it much easier to browse private repositories hosted on sites like GitHub and BitBucket. There are two methods of authentication:

  • Username and password: http(s) authentication supported using passwords.
  • Key based authentication: ssh authentication is supported using
    public/private keypairs. Generate a keypair and upload the public key to
    your hosting provider, or upload your private key to Fisheye.

And more…

  • An improved navigation bar makes it easy to access recently viewed source
  • The Universal Plugin Manager is bundled for easier plugin upgrades and management
  • Branch filtering for Subversion
  • RSS improvements

Check out the Fisheye 2.5 release notes for a complete list.


What’s new in Crucible?

Faster Navigation

An improved Navigation Bar lets you navigate code reviews (and source code) faster than ever. Crucible tracks the pages you view and provides the five most recently viewed code reviews, users, projects and repositories (if using Fisheye) in a convenient drop-down. A quick way to jump back to a code review you recently visited but forgot the review ID!


Oracle Support

crucible-oracle.jpgSatisfying one of Crucible’s highest voted feature requests, Crucible now has beta support for Oracle DBMS.

The Fisheye and Crucible team have been using Oracle internally with our test and production environments. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Smarter Email Notifications

Receive less emails on code review comments with improved batch email notifications. Crucible will group together all comments (including draft and edited comments) which are sent within a short period of each other together. Less email, more relevant content, and a happy inbox!

And more…

  • Redesigned Activity Stream (see Fisheye Activity Stream info above)
  • Universal Plugin Manager for easier plugin upgrades and management
  • Improved submission of time tracking to Jira issues

You can check out the Crucible 2.5 release notes for the complete list.


Download today

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