Branch and tag browsing, a faster UI and a Crucible Starter license for $10are just some of the new features in Fisheye 2.4 and Crucible 2.4.

What’s new in Fisheye?

Improved browsing – branch and tag filter

The new branch and tag filter allows you to explore code in your repository on a specific branch or tag, making it easier (especially for DVCS users with Git and Mercurial) to navigate complex repositories and understand how your project has changed over time.

Fisheye will detect the main branch (e.g master on Git, default on Mercurial, MAIN on CVS) of your repository. Using the branch/tag selector you can then manually select and investigate a specific branch/tag, or get a unified repository view by selecting ALL.

The branch/tag filter is persisted across the different Fisheye views (activity streams, revisions, etc.) so you can keep context as you move throughout the product.


Redesigned file history page

The redesigned file history page summarizes revision details in an efficient and scannable fashion to help you find what you are looking for, faster. Changes include:

  • A new filter to view only revisions that match a date range, committer, log comment, etc. that you specify
  • Ability to view more or less revision detail when needed
  • Improved placement of links and actions for easier navigation


Application links

application-links-fisheye.pngApplication links are a new way to connect Fisheye to Jira, or any other Atlassian applications using the Trusted Applications protocol, OAuth or basic HTTP authentication.

The easy setup wizard helps create links to share information and access functions from one application to the other. For example, if you linked your Fisheye instance with a Jira server, you could view Jira issues in your Fisheye activity stream or view the changesets associated with an issue in Jira.

And a whole lot more…

  • Security features like full Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support
  • Redesigned Administrator with new repository activity log
  • Performance improvements – including pagination over large sets of items (e.g repository lists)
  • ClearCase support improvements

Check out the Fisheye 2.4 release notes for a complete list.


What’s new in Crucible?

Get started with Code review for $10

Crucible is now available for $10 for 5 users – the latest edition to the Atlassian Starter License offerings. Get code review started with a fully-featured license and all the proceeds go to charity. You asked, we listened! Tell a friend!

New Crucible inbox

Stay organized and never miss a review with the new personalised Crucible Inbox. Reviews are filtered and grouped into three sections:

  • Inbox – all reviews which require your attention
  • Outbox – all reviews which are awaiting action by others
  • Archive – all closed and abandoned reviews


Native repository access

crucible-repo.pngCrucible has a new way of accessing repositories and now supports Subversion, Perforce, CVS, Git, Mercurial and ClearCase out of the box – without the need for plug-ins. Commits are now displayed in the activity stream and you have the ability to search and browse for files during review. This means faster and more efficient integration with your source and a simple upgrade if you choose to add Fisheye later. And of course LightSCM plugins still work for accessing other review sources.

And more…

  • Application Links – a simple new way to connect Crucible with Jira and other Atlassian Apps
  • Improved UI
  • Performance improvements
  • Custom avatar support

You can check out the Crucible 2.4 release notes for the complete list.

Download today

Download Fisheye 2.4 and Crucible 2.4 now to get started with a 30-day FREE trial or upgrade your current instance. Want to give Fisheye and Crucible a test drive? Check out our live sandbox.

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