Every serious dev team works hard to eliminate issues from their source — the established even peer review code to assure good code quality. Adding processes can slow things down, but Atlassian’s integrations aim to save your developers’ time. Fisheye allows teams to view and search source revisions, while Crucible lets teams collaboratively review code changes. Combined with Jira, these tools let you handle your issues, source, and code reviews in one time-saving interface.

Watch this short video to see one of the many ways the integration can help your team. We’ll show you how a simple issue key in a commit message starts the whole process and how the Source and Reviews Tabs, e-mail notifications, side-by-side diffs, and smart commits can improve your development workflow.

Value Your Team’s Time

The more time your team saves, the more time they can dedicate to creating new kick-ass products/features. Help your team reach this goal by integrating Jira with Fisheye and Crucible. Linking these tools unlocks the Source and Reviews tab within Jira issues. These two tabs provide a lot of information that can give helpful context to your product management and development teams.

  • Check file history – See how the issue has evolved your project straight from the Source Tab.
  • View changesets – Glance over the Source Tab and verify that someone is addressing your issue.
  • Manage code reviews – Check the status of your code reviews and ensure that your code maintains utmost quality with the Reviews tab.
  • And more — all without ever leaving Jira.

Jumping to the Fisheye or Crucible side of thing you can:

  • Create subtasks out of comments – When adding comments to a review, you can also create a corresponding subtask in the related Jira issue with just one click.
  • Resolve subtasks from Crucible – Once a comment and a subtask are linked, you can resolve them from either Crucible or Jira, and they’ll update in the other system as well. This means that you don’t have to leave Crucible to update the status of your issues in Jira.
  • Hover over issues – In Fisheye and Crucible, you can hover over issue keys and view essential information about the issue without having to transition to Jira.

How do I try it myself?

Nice! If you’ve come this far, you’re well on your way to development bliss. Evaluate Fisheye and Crucible free for 30 days.


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