I’m thrilled to announce the release of Fisheye and Crucible 3.3! Reviews are now easier to process and you can extend the integration with your systems with new REST resources. On top of that, Fisheye and Crucible are now a step ahead in supporting new technologies of the latest Subversion and Internet Explorer compatibilities.

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Stay on top of your priorities with the new review header

We redesigned the review header to bring you a better experience during your reviews. We want you to be able to see the status of your reviews at a glance. Never to scour the page for the status of a review or its due date again. With Crucible 3.3, this information is front and center so you can quickly determine if anything requires immediate action.

And because optimization is in all the little things, we moved the list of reviewers to the right, next to the sharing and action buttons. If anyone has outstanding work, sending a reminder is just a click away. Need to be on the the reviewers list? Click Join review to add yourself.


Smoother branch and tag transition with the new selector

In our continuous effort to deliver a better experience to developers, the branch and tag selector has been fully redesigned to facilitate switching to the content that you want. Regardless of the SCM you use, we always put your main branch at the top of the list and you can use the filters to find other branches and tags that you want to jump to.


Automate users and groups management with the REST API


We know that Fisheye and Crucible are not the only products you have, and that automation of tasks can save you a lot of time when propagating changes across multiple applications. This is the reason why we’ve extended the REST APIs to allow you to create deeper integration with your systems. We’re starting with users and groups management in Fisheye and Crucible 3.3 so that you can update details of a user, add them or remove them from groups via scripts or build your own plugins.


Support for SVN 1.8 and IE11

We’re happy to announce that Fisheye and Crucible are now supporting Subversion 1.8 repositories. You can index your repository to track and review changes in your code. Also, after introducing support for IE10 in Fisheye and Crucible 3.2, we’re pleased to pursue that effort with full support for IE11.

Other improvements

Please read the Fisheye release notes and Crucible release notes to learn about the other changes made to the products.

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