I’m pleased to announce that the new Fisheye and Crucible release is out!  We’re improving the way Fisheye and Crucible can be the central place for your developers to discover source, and improve code quality.

Try Fisheye and Crucible 3.2 today

Better design with the Atlassian Design Guidelines

Thanks to the Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG), we’re unifying the look, feel, and experience of Atlassian applications. Not only will you experience smoother transitions going from your code to issues and reviews, but you should also find Fisheye and Crucible easier on the eye and more pleasant to use. You’ll notice when you log in that the navigation menu and header for the source and changeset pages have been changed for better clarity.

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Fisheye becomes the source of truth for checking out repositories

Have you ever wanted to check out the source of a repository you see in Fisheye, or just know where it was hosted? Fisheye 3.2’s new public checkout URLs make this dead simple, no matter what SCM or code hosting solution you’re using. Combined with Fisheye’s powerful search functionality, developers are able to locate and check out source code without having any tribal knowledge of where various source repositories are located.

Quicknav is faster and smarter

One of the most powerful aspects of Fisheye is its capacity to index all the information related to the history of your source. The new quicknav allows you to jump to any repository, project, commit, diff, review, or changelog even faster than before. We’ve improved this critical part of Fisheye by making it faster and easier for users to navigate to the content relevant to them. Results are now incrementally returned to the user as they are found, allowing the user to get to where they want to go even sooner.

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Managed Git repositories are gone, but Stash is there for you

Stash has now reached its 2.9.4 release, and it’s time for us to switch off the Git repository management feature in Fisheye. Fisheye still has first class support  for Git repositories, providing full search and browse functionality, but Fisheye will no longer offer repository hosting as a feature. Instead we recommend that you try Stash to host and manage your Git repositories. Our upgrade guide will help you to go through this process.

Welcome IE10, au revoir IE8

Fisheye and Crucible 3.2 now fully support IE10. We’ve deprecated IE8, and we are going to end support for it in Fisheye and Crucible 3.3.

Other improvements

Please read the Fisheye release notes and Crucible release notes to learn about the other changes made to the products.

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