Finding information we need to get work done is just plain hard. Today we’re excited to announce a whole new search experience in Confluence 5.2 to ease the pain, AND Ink’s new File Picker add-on that connects Confluence to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box and more. Centralize all your information in Confluence and stop looking and start finding today.

The quest to find information

All too often mission-critical information is scattered across hard-drives, the cloud, emails, or locked away in the memory of your co-workers. Searching for it results in wasting valuable time and brain-power, rather than making progress on your work. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. Join Chuck as he embarks on an InfoQuest of his own and discover the pitfalls of poor information management.


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Stop looking, start finding

Ever been in Chuck’s shoes? The problem is that your work is located in more places than ever before. Confluence gives your team one place to centralize all of your information, making it a whole lot faster to find later.

Introducing a whole new search experience

Today’s release of Confluence 5.2 brings an all new search experience to help you find the information you need to get work done, faster. Find it the first time and get on with your workday.

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1. Instantly access recently viewed content

The fastest search is no search. Now you can access all of your most recently viewed content in a single click.


2. Smarter new algorithm

We tested and retested the Confluence search algorithm with customers to see what we could do to improve the relevancy of search results. The result is a smarter new algorithm that returns results with up to 50% more relevance.


3. Faster search filters

A simplified interface puts filtered results a click away. Results are returned up to 50% faster than before. It’s super fast.


4. Built to scale

Centralizing your information makes searching easier, but the bigger your company is the more information you’ll have to index. Now, search indexing takes up to 40% less disk space, so performance never takes a back seat.


Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and more


What about all those files you already have stored in the cloud? Today, we’re thrilled to announce Ink’s File Picker add-on for Confluence. No matter where your team stores files, bring them all together in one place – Confluence.

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The File Picker add-on allows you to quickly attach, embed or link to files stored in cloud applications, within Confluence pages. The add-on works seamlessly with Confluence’s interface, so you can save time by reducing context-switching.


What are you waiting for?

It’s time to end the office hide-and-seek game and start finding the information you need to get work done.

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Finding information just got easier with Confluenc...