This is a guest post from RefinedWiki, the team behind the Original Theme add-on.

The latest release of RefinedWiki Original Theme makes it even simpler to see who’s working on what and who’s responsible for the different content in Confluence – it’s quicker and easier to discover the right person to speak to within your organization.

Wondering who you should contact becomes a thing of the past
Add users to categories and subcategories

You can now add users and user groups to categories and subcategories so you can easily see team members and find out who’s responsible for certain content. For example, if you have a marketing category,­ simply click on it to see who’s responsible for the content and what their specific role is.


Each user can be assigned a role. Names for roles are totally customizable, so you can create tailored roles to suit your organization. Assigning roles makes it easy to find someone, for example if you want to contact someone about salaries.


Add users to spaces

In the same way that you can assign users to categories and subcategories, you can also assign individual users or user groups to spaces. Macros can be used to show the team responsible for a product space. This makes it really easy to find out who’s working on every project in your organization. Maybe you need to get in contact with the tech lead for a product. Just take a look in the product space and you’ll see a list of who’s on the team. Adding users to categories, subcategories, and spaces means you’ll never again have to get stuck wondering ‘who should I ask?’, ‘who created this content?’ or ‘who’s the project manager for this?’


Original Theme runs faster than ever

Original Theme 4.2 shows off a great improvement in performance so both categories and spaces now load faster than ever. We’ve also enhanced the backend caching as well as the Cache Management system. All these improvements make your workflow more efficient and create a smoother user experience, especially for enterprise customers.

Now you can tailor subcategory dashboards, too

With this latest version, it’s possible to create customized dashboards for each subcategory. Now each team can have a dashboard tailored with Confluence macros. Add team calendars, news, activity streams, and lots more to set up each subcategory exactly the way you want it.

Try RefinedWiki Original Theme

Original Theme is an add-on available within the Atlassian Marketplace. This add-on allows users to organize content, assist in design and brand, and create blogs. Additional information and other add-ons can be found at Looking to build your own add-on? Check out to see how.



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