Last week, we held a webinar called Feature development lifecycle with Git. This time, we took a different approach in order to give attendees the feeling that they were watching an experienced developer run through a coding session in real time.

If you tuned into this session, you had the chance to peek over my shoulder while I worked through a simple bug-fix end-to-end, from branch creation, through code review, to the final merge.

I think we can safely call this session a success, as almost 700 attendees joined me as I walked through:

  • How to kick off development in a feature branch.
  • What rebase is, and how and when to perform it as local cleanup.
  • How to have colleagues to review your work via a pull request.
  • How to work through feedback on a pull request.
  • When and how to merge your work back to the development main line.
  • Clean up considerations after the work is complete.

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If you missed the live session, here’s a recording of the session for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to send it to anybody who you think might be interested!


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Feature development lifecycle with Git: webinar recording now available