Confluence 4.3 has been released. Learn more!

Ever since we announced the upcoming release of Confluence 4.3 a little over a month ago, we’ve been bragging about all the useful features and improvements that will be included in the latest installment of Confluence. In the past month we’ve talked about improvements that will satisfy over 550 of your votes. In case you’ve missed it we’ve made it easier to create rich content with drag-and-drop for images and macros within the editor. We gave our admins some love by improving the user signup process and We took care of our larger customers with space archiving and attachment management, and we granted a lot of your wishes with table sorting and column highlighting. This week we want to keep tallying up the votes with a highly anticipated improvement that satisfies 137 of your votes. We know it’s been a long time coming and we appreciate your patience. We hope you’ll agree it’s been worth the wait.

Create richer page templates

No longer do you have to be a wiki markup master to create rich page templates. In Confluence 4.3 you’ll be able to create new and edit existing templates with the aid of the new rich content editor we shipped in Confluence 4.0. Not only do you get the richness and simplicity of the new editor, you also get some extra goodies including Page Layouts, Tasks, and variables that don’t require a degree in computer science to use (smile)

Page templates make it quick and easy for your team to add content that’s created on a regular basis – policies and policies, features specs, project plans, and our personal favorite, meeting agendas. Page templates in Confluence 4.3 will help your team pump out rich, structured content, with ease.

Add form fields with ease

One of the biggest pain points of creating templates in wiki markup was trying to remember how to add custom form fields. We’ve turned this pain point into a strength in Confluence 4.3. Now you can insert variables to act as form fields right from the editor toolbar, or using the keyboard shortcut, $, and get your templates looking exactly how you intended them to.

See it for yourself

Stay tuned

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Confluence 4.3, and as you can see this release is a big. You might say it’s our biggest release ever.

Confluence 4.3 promises to revolutionize the way you and your team get work done. Stay tuned next week for a special surprise from the Confluence team. A surprise that’s sure to shock you and question how productive you are at work…

Faster, Richer, Easier Page Templates Coming Soon ...