This is a guest blog post by Chandika Jayasundara, Co-Founder and CEO of Creately, an online diagramming plugin for Confluence which lets you create and add all kinds of diagrams like flowcharts, wireframes, UML diagrams and mindmaps for your wiki pages and blogs.

Since we launched the Creately Confluence diagram plugin a few months ago, hundreds of customers have chosen Creately for its power features that make drawing flowcharts, UI mock-ups, DB diagrams, network diagrams, and UML diagrams a breeze. But that’s just the beginning! We’re really excited to announce two new features that will supercharge your Confluence Creately experience.

1. Zoomable, Clickable Diagrams with the Creately Viewer

It’s no secret that adding diagrams and mockups to Confluence pages helps get your messages across. Yet, there were two pieces missing given how our users told us they wanted to make use of Confluence diagrams.

First, diagrams viewed in Confluence pages were always whole images. Users wanted to link to other mockups, pages and so on, but to make use of the links, they had to enter the diagram editor. Second, embedding large diagrams unfit for the parameters of a Confluence page negated your styling and left you with an unwieldy page.

Good news! The new Creately Viewer solves both of these problems. Watch the video below to see the Creately Viewer in action.

Naturally, the Creately Viewer becomes invaluable in many situations. For instance:

  • Linked UI Mockups
  • Multi-level UML and DB Design diagrams
  • Large design diagrams (Zoom and Pan FTW!)
  • Linked flowcharts
  • Site maps where you can link to mock-ups of other pages
  • Gantt charts where every task block can be linked to a Confluence page, an easy project overview

2. Thousands of Templates a Single-click Away

We also went ahead and integrated the Creately Conflluence plugin into our online diagram template library. It has thousands of high quality templates, as well as over a million diagram examples. Constantly updated, designed for discovery, and fully searchable – half the work is done for you, so you can create beautiful diagrams in no time. The templates browser is seamlessly integrated inside Creately for Confluence.

Try Creately Today

You can install the latest version of Creately Diagram Plugin using the Confluence Plugin Manager. We hope you enjoy Creately as much as we enjoy building it!

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