Tired of trying to remember the correct wiki markup for a particular user macro? Are you an administrator who’s constantly reminding users how to insert user macros on a page? With Confluence 3.4 administrators can now make user macros readily available to all users by inserting them into the Macro Browser and Autocomplete.

Watch the video

Watch this video to see how easy it is make user macros available in the Macro Browser. For more details continue to read the post below.

What are user macros?

These customisable macros are short pieces of code that perform an often-used function or add some custom formatting to a page. For instance, the ‘Related Content‘ user macro can save Technical Writers time by automatically suggesting a list of related pages or content based on a similar label. User macros are quick-hack solutions for the features you need right now. You must be a Confluence Administrator to create a user macro.

How do I insert one into the Macro Browser?

User macros have generally been one of Confluence’s best kept secrets, used by a few people within an organisation. Secondary users have remained on the outside looking in.
All that’s changed with Confluence 3.4. Administrators now have access to an improved user macro creation form that allows administrators to easily insert macros into the Macro Browser. The secret is out.

In the new user macro form an entire section is devoted to the macros existence in the Macro Browser. Administrators now have the option to:

  • Make user macros visible to all users or only System Administrators
  • Provide a brief description of the user macro
  • Label the user macro with a use-case category such as ‘Communication’
  • Provide an image to identify the macro
  • Provide a URL to link to a user macro’s documentation

Ultimately, you can popularise your organisation’s most valuable user macros by inserting them into the Macro Browser. Now all of your users can reap the benefits of your customisable and often-used macros.

Expand and Status user macros

Expand Macro.png
Status Macro.png

We have included two user macros in our public documentation to help you get started inserting your own custom macros into the Macro Browser and Autocomplete.
The Expand macro is a great tool to help technical writers hide clutter in their documentation and the Status macro can help product managers organise an upcoming release schedule by maintaining the statuses of projects and tasks. At Atlassian, we use these macros everyday and thought you would appreciate extending your Confluence experience.
Follow the instructions for inserting these user macros into your Confluence instance so that your whole team or organisation can access the macros from the Macro Browser or Autocomplete.

Try it now!

Refer to the Expand and Status user macro documentation to learn how to insert the macros into your own Confluence instance or try them out in the Confluence sandbox.

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