Over the past 5 weeks we have given all you wiki champions plenty of ammunition in the fight to answer the question ‘What is a wiki?’ and secure Confluence as the single source of truth in your organization. We understand that convincing your team or boss can be a challenge, but victory is well within reach. The toolkit we’ve put together should make it easier than ever to convince your peers with easily digestible materials to help you help them understand the benefits of Confluence.

Let’s do a brief recap of what we’ve covered over the past five weeks in the What is a Wiki series.

What is a Wik Part I: 14 Myths, Busted

When you ask someone “what is a wiki?”, the typical response is usually, “oh, a wiki, that’s Wikipedia right?”. Well, kind of. Wikipedia is based on wiki software, but not the kind that’s built for the needs of team and enterprise-wide collaboration. This association is why people have misconceptions and create myths about wikis. It’s time to get the truth about wikis out, mythbusters style. Continue reading…

What is a Wiki Part II: 10 Reasons to Use a Wiki

There are countless reasons to use wiki for your team or organization’s collaborative malfunction, but our second post in this series highlights 10 for Confluence.

#1 Get More Done, Together: Get the best people on the right tasks and produce better overall results by letting everyone contribute…see all 10 reasons…

What is a Wiki Part III: 5 Ways Managers Can Use a Wiki

Confluence is built for everyone – from your most basic users in the mail room, to your advanced techies on your development team – YES, even for you too Mr(s). Manager…continue reading…

What is a Wiki Part IV: 5 Ways Sales & Marketing Teams Can Use a Wiki

It’s likely that your Sales and Marketing Teams are at the core of what you do – plugged into every phase of your business. With the fate of your organization resting squarely on your team’s shoulders, you’ll need a tool where you can easily connect your team to increase productivity and results….continue reading…

What is a Wiki Part V: 5 Ways a HR Teams Can Use a Wiki

All of the policies, procedures, events, and resumes make being part of a Human Resource Team document overload. Keeping it all organized is a constant battle and if you’re regularly using email, you’re probably losing…continue reading…

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Our wiki evangelist tool kit is stocked with resources that you can quickly turn to in a pinch. Presentations, short videos, and a Confluence cheat sheet – all ready for download and share with anyone or any department in your organization. With these great resources at your disposable, go forth and prosper wiki champion – spread Confluence like wildfire!

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