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This is a guest blog post by Red Gate, makers of SmartAssembly, an automated error reporting tool for .NET applications. This post will talk about a new, full-circle integration between SmartAssembly and Jira, making error reporting, issue tracking, and customer communication easy.

Jira is the premier tool for issue tracking and project management, used by more than 14,500 organisations in 122 countries around the world. And although Jira is a great tool for tracking issues and work items, it doesn’t automatically create error reports when one of your users reports a problem. That’s the challenge developers at Red Gate faced while working jointly with SmartAssembly error reporting software and Jira.

Easy reporting for customers

SmartAssembly makes it easy for users to tell developers when things are going wrong with their applications. It collects unhandled exception reports automatically, providing all the data — full stack trace, values of all the local variables, and even an email address if you request it — needed to find and fix problems quickly.

SmartAssembly makes it easy for users to report an error.

Here’s what Andrew Neville, senior software engineer at Neville & Rowe, says about implementing SmartAssembly within his company’s ImpactEdge software:

“At the end of the day, we are making the reporting of issues incredibly simple for our clients. We receive all the information we need in order to rectify the issue simply through the mechanism of the user pressing the send button.”

The error report is packaged and sent in a single click.

The developer views the error report in SmartAssembly.

The virtuous circle

While finding the issues is great, before last week there was a slight hitch in this virtuous circle of discovering, tracking, fixing and reporting back to customers: issues weren’t automatically filed into Jira. Instead a developer would need to review all the errors in SmartAssembly, cross-reference them with bug reports in Jira, and finally, manually copy-paste across any unlogged errors.

Frustrated with this manual process, Red Gate developers came up with a free tool called SmartAssembly Sync for Jira, which automatically imports SmartAssembly error reports into Jira. The automated process frees time for developers to do what they do best: write great code.

SmartAssembly Sync for Jira automatically imports error reports into Jira.

The circle is completed when Jira is used to trigger an automatic email to the end user who reported the bug. If there’s already a work-around, Jira automatically notifies the user that there’s a fix available and how to obtain it.

Jira instantly emails a known solution to the user who reported the issue.

The SmartAssembly-Jira integration provides the key link for a total solution. Better error reporting, faster fixes, and satisfied customers – it’s a nice proposition all around.

To get started sign up for a 14-day free trial of SmartAssembly and download the SmartAssembly Sync for Jira.

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