This is a guest post by Steeve Cayla of Kap IT, an Atlassian Partner that specialises in Confluence plugins. In this post, Steeve explains the features of ConfluenceFx, an Adobe AIR client for Confluence that lets you create content, receive wiki notifications and do much, much more with your enterprise wiki.

ConfluenceFx – The rich enterprise solution for Confluence

ConfluenceFx is the first rich enterprise solution that brings Confluence to your destkop. Based on an enterprise mashup architecture, this desktop application will enrich the collaborative experience of your communities and boost their Confluence adoption. Install ConfluenceFx on your Confluence instance, easily deploy the AIR desktop application on your computer (Mac or PC) and enjoy a new and richer user experience!

Kap IT’s ConfluenceFx is valued by more than 5 years of R&D and Services in two areas: integration of Confluence for collaborative usages in large organizations and development of rich enterprise applications using RIA Adobe Flex/Air Technologies.

With ConfluenceFx Desktop, in a single click you can:

  • Be notified of wiki updates
  • Create any type of content
  • Upload several attachments
  • Update your status
  • Access your network activity stream
  • And more…

Boost Confluence adoption within your entire organisation

Speed up your access to Confluence with innovative widgets bringing the most useful Confluence features to your desktop, only a singe-click away. You can search everything, access your people directory, manage your favourites, create blog posts or pages, add comments, upload documents, modify your profile, your status…

Empower Confluence with advanced features. The People Directory widget provides extra fields for detailing your profile and gives the ability to find users with a multiple-criteria search. ConfluenceFx also offers smart filters for any list of contents, plenty of shortcuts for useful Confluence actions and advanced graphical views such as thumbnails and data-grids.

Boost your community building with the Activity Reader widget. This live activity stream displays any Confluence update and sends real-time notifications to your desktop when a content is updated. In addition, you can filter which spaces you’re interested in and view the activity of a particular user, your network, or everyone in the wiki.

Enrich user experience and simplify the usage of Confluence with an attractive and intuitive snappy interface. As RIA specialists, we have highly focused on the ergonomics of the Desktop application for it to be as discreet as essential for your day-to-day work. The interface also includes modular widgets, fully customisable look and feel, drag and drop capabilities and contextual menus available on every item.

Whether you are a manager, a regular or occasional user, Confluence will never be as easy to use than with ConfluenceFx.

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