Word on the street is that Jeffrey and Stewart’s Enterprise 2.0 presentation today was well-attended and well-received. Here’s one writeup that goes into specifics, and it starts out like this:

Jeffrey Walker and Stewart Mader of Atlassian spoke next on “Collective Intelligence: Monkeys or Memes?” (great title, making reference to the infinite monkey theorem), which was really about adoption patterns of enterprise wikis.

This is really going back to the theory that the IQ level of an appropriately organized collective can be greater than that of the smartest person in that group, and that’s the whole reason for using wikis in the first place, especially in a corporate environment, instead of just picking the smart guy to write the thing.

Read Sandy Kemsley‘s entire summary, Enterprise 2.0: Collective Intelligence.
And, thanks for sharing the detailed write-up, Sandy.

Enterprise 2.0: Monkeys or Memes?...