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Last week, Atlassian hosted the second live webinar in our Enterprise Offerings series, “Enterprise Support Across Your Atlassian Products.”

Atlassian’s Bryan Mayo, Head of Enterprise Support, and Aditya Phadke, Head of Technical Account Management, took attendees through our new enterprise support and strategic service offerings designed to ensure enterprise customers are getting the most out of their Atlassian applications.

They covered:

  • How Premier Support enhances our standard support offerings to address the needs of large organizations across all of their Atlassian products
  • What a Technical Account Manager (TAM) is and how they can help your organization with strategic planning, best practices and technical guidance
  • How to engage an Enterprise Partner to meet your organization’s specific needs around customizations, deployments and integration with Atlassian products

Following the webinar, attendees were given a chance to ask the presenters questions about these services and how to take advantage of them.

If you’re interested in enterprise-level support from Atlassian, or if Atlassian applications are critical for your business, this webinar is a must see.

Here are some highlights from the Q&A, which begins at 16:35 in the video.

What if we want to move to Premier Support before the end of our current licensing term?

This is possible. Just contact your Enterprise Advocate or your Expert and let them know you’re interested. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll take you through our thorough on-boarding process.

Why is there a separate cost for Premier Support?

The additional cost for Premier Support covers unlimited incidents for all your Atlassian applications and provides access to a team of dedicated senior support engineers for customers that require those services. Pricing Premier support individually allows each customer to choose the right service level and cost for their business needs.

If we have Jira, Confluence, and Stash do we need 3 Premier Support licenses?  

No, you only need one Premier Support license. The Premier Support service is priced per account, and a single yearly license for Premier Support will cover all of your Atlassian products and instances for a single price of $35,000/year. If you use multiple Atlassian products or multiple instances of a single Atlassian product, the cost of Premier Support for your company does not change.

Will Premier Support help with development escalations for our issues?

Yes, Premier Support will help when tickets require escalation to Atlassian’s development team by providing higher priority during the escalation and ensuring that Premier Support customer issues are triaged more quickly. This means customers will receive information on work arounds, whether a fix will be available, and timelines for those fixes in a more timely manner.

Do TAMs provide help with plug-ins?

TAMs provide guidance across all your Atlassian applications and work with our third party plug-in providers when questions arise.  There is a large ecosystem of plug-ins and we can’t be experts on all of them, but we do look at how we can help you with these situations.

Are TAMs Atlassian employees?

Yes, TAMs are direct Atlassian employees working both in our offices and remotely across the globe in order to best serve our customers.

Does the TAM price include Premier Support?

No, we have priced these offerings separately to give our customers ultimate flexibility in choosing what is right for them.

How do we speak to someone about Premier Support or TAM?

Contact your Enterprise Advocate, Expert Partner or fill out this form Click here

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