The release of Jira 5.2 has already generated a ton of great feedback about the new Jira search experience and we’re excited to see lot’s of customers wasting little time upgrading their Jira instance to the latest and greatest.

While the Jira 5.2 headline features of search, webhooks and workflow improvements are compelling for all Jira users, there are three big reasons why administrators of our larger Enterprise deployments are going to love Jira 5.2! (Ok, so maybe every Jira admin will love these too..)

Don’t bother me, I’m re-indexing

For admins with a sizable Jira instance you know scheduling system-wide downtime can be a hassle. Thankfully, Jira now has the option of re-indexing issues in the background. Performing a background re-index allows you not to bother your end users so they won’t bother you.

Jira 5.2 Introduced Background Re-indexing

Tools to succeed at scale

Scaling Jira is very personal. Every deployment has different requirements and constraints making the fine tuning somewhat unique.

In Jira 5.1, we built the Jira Data Generator as part of our Enterprise performance work. For Jira 5.2, we continued to invest in the tools you need to succeed at scale by enhancing the the Jira data generator to support more complex data requirements, like screen schemes and field configurations.

Jira Performance Tools

We’ve also developed the HTTP requests log analyser as a new weapon to add to your performance-tuning utility belt.

Proof: 1 + 1 = 3

United Federation of JiraWe know that the only thing better than one instance of Jira is another instance of Jira. And to ensure you get the most out of running multiple instances of Jira, we created a new guide for Federating Jira.

This is part of our ever-growing Enterprise Resources for Jira and Confluence. We also introduced a new guide for Scaling GreenHopper and published our investigations into custom field performance in the newly updated Scaling Jira guide.


Don’t delay, upgrade today

Jira 5.2 is available today, so what are you waiting for? Download and upgrade Jira now!

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3 Reasons Enterprise Admins Love Jira 5.2