Embed PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, Word documents and PDF’s

Last week we looked at how using Autocomplete for creating links is incredibly fast. The Autocomplete goodness doesn’t stop there. Confluence 3.2 also introduced Autocomplete for embedding images and documents into Confluence pages.

In this post I’ll show you how to embed an image or document already attached to Confluence without using your mouse. If it’s not attached, I’ll show you how to embed it in a single step.

You don’t even need a mouse

Confluence is an enterprise wiki that makes it incredibly easy to store and share files. With drag-and-drop, it’s never been easier to share your Microsoft Office Documents, PDF’s and images. Once they are attached their full contents are indexed and searchable, allowing you and your colleagues to easily find them again later.

What about viewing your attached documents? Out-of-the-box you can use the Office Connector to display your PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PDF’s in Confluence pages. Users can browse through the documents in their web browser without the need for another application.

So, how do you embed a file that’s already attached to Confluence? It’s easy, just enter an exclamation mark (!) into the Rich Text Editor and Confluence will instantly suggest the images and documents attached to that page to embed. If the image/document you are looking for is not attached to the page you are editing, just start typing the name of the attachment and Confluence will search for attached files with that name, displaying a dynamically updated list of suggestions as you type. To select a file to embed, just use the arrows on your keyboard and press ‘Enter’.

What if my file is not attached to Confluence yet?

If you are using a Google Gears compatible web browser you can use Drag-and-Drop to attach the file and embed it in your Confluence page in a single step. How? When editing a page using the Rich Text Editor, just drag the file from your desktop into the Rich Text Editor. The file will be attached, and embedded into the page. Yes, I am telling the truth. Don’t believe me? Watch the short video below.

Try it out now!

Not using Confluence 3.2 yet? Take a tour of all the big new features in Confluence 3.2 and test out this new feature in the Confluence sandbox.


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