jdoklovic.jpgUPDATED: The Jira Workflow Designer is now free for all active Jira customers. This guest blog post was originally written by Jonathan Doklovic. Prior to joining Atlassian, Jonathan was the Founder and CEO of Systems Bliss Inc., which was acquired by Atlassian in February 2011.

Jonathan has been using Atlassian tools and writing plugins for them for over 5 years and has over 25 years of development experience. His goal is to blissfully skip through a field filled with fluffy bunnies while automated systems are doing his bidding.

Jira Workflow Designer: The Visual Way to Edit Jira Workflows


Workflows are not a feature of Jira.

That’s right, workflows are not a feature of Jira.

“Feature” implies that the software would work with or without it, however, workflows are the heart and soul of Jira. Without workflows, there’s no Jira.

Now that we have that straightened out, Jira workflows can be used to completely customize how users interact with Jira…

Want an approval/code review process? Custom Workflow.

Need support desk triage? Custom Workflow.

SLAs? Custom Workflow.

Business Requirements? Custom Workflow.

Jira’s Workflow Editor

Workflows are probably the most powerful yet under-utilized part of Jira.

This is most-likely due to the fact that creating and editing workflows in Jira requires meticulous attention to detail and a large amount of patience.

Don’t get me wrong, Jira provides a great deal of abstraction and all around “polish” to the underlying workflow engine, making it much easier for someone to edit specific portions of a workflow without having to resort to hand-editing xml files.

However, as workflows become more and more complex, it’s somewhat difficult to get a clear picture of the entire workflow all at once.

Enter the Jira Workflow Designer

The Jira Workflow Designer from SysBliss is a plugin that builds upon the internal Jira workflow API’s to enable the visualization of entire workflows.

On top of just visualizing workflows, it’s also a full blown editor that makes use of standard diagramming concepts to make editing Jira workflows quick and easy.


Get Even More out of Your Workflows

While the workflow designer started out it’s life being a one-to-one replacement for the built-in workflow editing tools, with the release of version 1.3 it now includes many features beyond what you can do with Jira alone:

  • Common Transitions – Re-use transitions that have the same destination
  • Clone Transitions – Have a transition all setup with a bunch of Conditions and Functions? Clone it and use it for any destination
  • Global Actions – Apply a transition to ALL steps in one swoop
  • Recursive Transitions – Fire off post-functions and return to the originating step


This is just a tiny sampling of what the Jira Workflow Designer can do. Please have a look at the resources below for more…

Watch The Video

We’ve created a short promo-video to show off some of the features of the Jira Workflow Designer.

The video compares editing a workflow in the standard Jira interface with using the workflow Designer.

Grab some chocolate, crank up the volume, sit back, and enjoy…


Learn More

Visit the SysBliss Jira Workflow Designer Product Page for more information or,

You can download the plugin, check compatibility, and find the documentation from The Sysbliss page on Atlassian’s plugin exchange.

Jira Workflow Designer: The Visual Way to Edit Jira Workflows