This is a guest post by Radomir Mladenovic of BugDigger, a service that files website bugs to Jira with a single click.

Software developers working on websites always want detailed bug reports, complete with browser information and the steps to reproduce the bug. But filing a detailed bug report takes time and dedication. Often less technical reporters aren’t able to provide the information a developer needs.

BugDigger lets a user report a bug in just a few clicks, filing the bug to Jira, complete with all the necessary information such as browser, previously visited websites, and a screen shot of the website. BugDigger takes away the hard work from bug reporting, automatically collecting all the useful contextual data.

Web application testing assistant

BugDigger makes bug reporting easy using a combination of:

  • browser extension that adds a bug reporting button to your browser’s toolbar, and
  • hosted service acting as your agent for Jira.

Using BugDigger as your bug reporting assistant allows you to keep your focus on essential tasks, while BugDigger takes care of the boring and time-consuming steps.

Filing a detailed bug report in 30 seconds

Click the bug reporting button when you spot an issue on a web page. BugDigger opens a form where you can provide a concise description of the issue, automatically collecting:

  • the current and recently opened URLs on the web site
  • screenshot of the page (that you can annotate)
  • browser and operating system details

Give it a try!

Getting started with BugDigger takes less than 5 minutes. BugDigger is compatible with Jira 3.13 through 4.2 and does not have any installation dependencies. Sign-up and start trying BugDigger absolutely free. A monthly subscription for a team with up to 5 active users is only $19.

Give us feedback!

If you have any feedback for the BugDigger team, feel free to drop us a line at We are very interested in hearing your feedback, suggestions for improvements and feature requests.

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