Today we’re excited to present a new customer story with Starz Entertainment, the global media and entertainment powerhouse behind hit TV shows like Spartacus and Magic City. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Starz Entertainment has been evolving since 1991 to meet the demands of an “anytime, anywhere” audience.

To overcome this challenge, Starz has been moving towards a leaner, more agile software development process. Engineering and business teams at Starz use Jira as the single source of truth for anything related to software development, from ingesting tapes to launching digital marketing campaigns.

To support the engineering teams, Jira is further integrated with Bamboo, Confluence, Fisheye, and Crucible. Starz also uses Zephyr, a plugin made by GetZephyr, for test case management, Gliffy for mockups, and Tempo for time tracking.

By managing its entire application lifecycle in one toolset, Starz’s engineering and business teams are constantly working together to meet release deadlines. How’s that for doing agile right?

Click the video below for a peek at the engineering teams behind the camera, the “magicians” (so to speak) responsible for bringing your favorite shows to you!

Doing agile right at Starz Entertainment...